When It Comes Down To It, NBA Superstar LeBron James says,”Why Not?”

Those are the words that are the sentiments for many actions taken by National Basketball Association (NBA) Superstar LeBron Raymond James., Sr. 

WHY NOT be one of the best NBA Players in the league? 

WHY NOT command earned respect on the basketball court? 

WHY NOT work to be one of the NBA’s best forwards?  

WHY NOT be the NBA’s Highest Scoring Player by Total Career Points in the Playoffs, with over 6,911 points scored?  

WHY NOT accept the recognizable name “King James” and live your life accordingly?

See where we are going here?  

There is a professional consistency about LeBron James when his thoughts are referenced by the words WHY NOT?  

One of his biggest WHY NOT questions seemingly stems around him asking himself, WHY NOT open a school for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio?

James, or “King James” as he is affectionately called by many, opened up his I Promise School through his LeBron James Family Foundation.  It is admirable that at his superstar level in the sports industry, he decided to do something with his star power and resources to help children and their families. 

James started this journey of the I Promise School in late 2017.  Through his foundation, he reached out to the Akron School System and together, they strategized on how to create a school that would help students who are lagging behind and at risk of failing in school, and inevitably in life. 

The LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools worked together to make sure that the I Promise School met standards set forth by educational boards.  James is the primary donor who has a role in shaping goals for the children beyond the classroom.

One must not forget that King James and his LeBron James Family Foundation has already been doing charitable acts for some time now.  King James has paid for the college education of 1,000 students, he has provided school supplies and help through the “Wheels For Education” program, and he has given children access to computers and more!

This school is really a cumulation of the charitable activities that he has already been doing.  

The I Promise School will be in session a little longer than other schools, in an effort to bring kids up to speed if they are lagging behind.  Another incredible aspect of this school is that it provides services to the parents of the children in the school—such as job opportunities—and it provides a food bank so that parents can choose food to take home to prepare for their child. 

The LeBron Family Foundation also gives every child a bike when they come to the school.  Every child is given a bike because according to King James, when he was a kid, it was the bicycle that helped keep him away from trouble, and allowed him the chance to explore his city. 

In a video interview with Uninterrupted, James states, “I know these kids basically more than they know themselves. I’ve walked in the same streets; I’ve rode the same bikes in the streets that they ride on.  I went through the same emotions of the good, the bad and the adversities….”  

In that interview, James goes on to say, “WHY NOT continue to do great things where you can help the youth?”

Here at Celebrity Charity Magazine, we happen to agree with him.  The reasons to do great things far outweigh the excuses not to.  So, WHY NOT?


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