NBA Legend Michael Jordan Helps Community

NBA Legend Michael Jordan donates $7 Million to Charlotte Clinics

Michael Jordan is a living NBA legend who has played the game of basketball better than anyone and that is what has solidified him as an NBA Legend. It’s no secret that he gives his all on the basketball court. As the owner of the Charlotte Hornets he is still giving his best on the court as well as giving his best in the Charlotte community!

Michael Jordan gives big philanthropy gifts!

NBA Legend and Champion Michael Jordan

Jordan is giving his best by helping people in the Charlotte Community to receive healthcare. The $7 Million dollar donation is to help open the Novant Health Michael Jordan Clinics which are slated to open in the year 2020. It is said to be the largest philanthropical gift bestowed by the legend to date. Jordan has previously given $5 Million to the National Museum of African American History and Culture and he also pledged $1 Million to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Institute for Community-Police relations to help foster better communication between the community and law enforcement.

Michael Jordan gives big philanthropy gifts!

The purpose of the clinics is to help people in the poorer parts of the city of Charlotte to have access to and receive good healthcare. Jordan has partnered with Novant Hospitals to open two clinics in North and Northwest Charlotte areas.


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