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Soledad O’Brien is one of the most intellectual and talented journalists in the television broadcast journalism business.  Many aspiring TV journalists model their careers after her. 

We hope they will also seek to be as charitable as is O’Brien.  She has brought the world exceptional coverage of some of the biggest and most controversial topics, like the Trump Presidency, The African-American journey in America, the disappearance of children, the covering of Hurricane Katrina and more.  O’Brien, a distinguished college graduate herself, understands that college costs are expensive and even more so, for some, being able to even get into college is a feat in and of itself.

To help young women in one or both of these categories, O’Brien started her PowHERful Foundation to provide mentoring to high school students, and to provide the necessary financial backing to help young women complete college.  The PoweHERful Foundation even pairs up young women with successful CEO’s of multimillion-dollar companies, to give them life changing advice.  To learn more about the foundation, log onto


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