American Airlines Stands Up To Cancer with Marvel Comics and the Entertainment Industry Foundation!

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, recently teamed up with The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and the Marvel Studio Avengers to Stand U to Cancer!!! 

Stand Up to Cancer (SUTC) is a division of the EIF Foundation.  Stand Up to Cancer was established in 2008 to address the need of increasing cancer awareness, cancer prevention and increasing cancer research to help those fighting the disease.   

American Airlines is Celebrity’s Charity Magazine’s Corporate Community Champion because the airline chose to collaborate with this 501 C3 Non-Profit organization in an effort to help fight cancer. 

American Airlines chose to use its worldwide reaching capabilities to spread the news about SUTC and to raise awareness about the work of the organization.  American Airlines developed its “Miles to Stand” and its “Miles of Hope” programs to raise funds to help foster research and help for those fighting cancer.

The “Miles to Stand” program presented American Airlines passengers with the chance to donate $25 or more to its program, and offered the passengers 10 AAdvantage miles for every dollar they donated.

The “Miles of Hope” program, through American Airlines, allowed passengers to donate their miles to the “Miles of Hope” program to give hope to cancer patients and their loved ones. 

With American Airlines having over 126,600 employees, it has its own employees fighting cancer too.  This partnership between American Airlines and the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s “Stand Up to Cancer” is a show of support to those at the airline’s own doorstep.

American Airlines, The EIF Foundation, the Stand Up to Cancer Program and the Marvel Studio Avengers are doing all they can to help fight this seemingly relentless disease.  The doctors and medical teams are doing all they can to help the cancer patients to fight and Stand Up to Cancer!

To learn more about American Airlines involvement with Stand Up to Cancer or how you can make a donation, log onto


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