Celebrity Charity Media

Celebrity Charity Media is a boutique media company that specializes in providing exclusive Photography and videography services to celebrity clients and their favorite charity and Non-Profit Organizations.

Our Team consists of the best Photographers, Videographers, Journalists, Graphics Designers, Social Media Directors and Lighting Specialists.  We work hard to guarantee quality products and lifetime memories for our clients.  

With our clients permission, we then share a unique inside look to the public of people’s favorite celebrities through our products, i.e, Celebrity Charity Magazine (Print and Digital), Celebrity Charity TV and Celebrity Charity Radio (Podcast).   

Its a win-win relationship as celebrities get to share with their fans something that they truly care about and is important to them and in turn, the fans get a chance to see a unique and awesome side of their favorite celebrities.  

The celebrities favorite charities and foundations get the welcomed exposure they desire to continue to do their good will to the community and the fans get a chance to be exposed to various charities and get an opportunity to connect with these charities and decide on ways to help the organizations if they so desire.

“Providing Exclusive Celebrity Charity News To The Community”
“Celebrities Using Star Power To Help Others!”